The 5 Largest Ships In The World


Ships are an important part of transportation networks and at one point where one of the only ways that people were able to travel long distances. With the increase in technology on ships, the size of ships has increased. There are many large ships in the world, but there are some that far surpass all of the others.

The MSC Oscar

The MSC Oscar is the largest ship in the world at the moment. This is a container ship which took the title of the largest ship on the water in 2014, which was a title previously held by the CSCL Globe. The MSC Oscar is so large that there are very few ports in the world where she can successfully dock. The container ship is able to hold approximately 39,000 cars.

This container ship is owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company. The name of the ship is believed to have come from the son of Diego Aponte who is the president and chief executive of the owner company.

The Oasis Of The Seas

It is not only container ships that have increased in size over the years with cruise liners also looking to increase. This could be due to the fact that a larger ship will be able to take more passengers and the cruise company will make more money. To date, the largest cruise liner is the Oasis of the Seas which can hold approximately 6000 passengers. The ship is owned by Royal Caribbean International and was first commissioned in 2006.

The MV Blue Marlin

The MV Blue Marlin is a special type of transport vessel and is known for moving some of the largest and hardest to transport items. The MV Blue Marlin is best known for the transportation of a large ocean-based radar unit but has also been used to move oil rigs and a US Navy destroyer when it was damaged. The reason why this ship is able to transport these large items is the fact that the ship is semi-submersible.

The TI Asia

The TI Asia is one of 4 TI class supertankers that are currently among the largest ships in the world. This class of tanker comprises of the TI Asia, TI Africa, TI Europe and TI Oceania. The ships started out as oil tankers for the Hellespont shipping company. However, the TI Asia and TI Africa were later converted into highly sophisticated floating storage and offloading vessels. This required them to be extensively converted, and the ships have since been renamed as the FSO Asia and the FSO Africa.

The Azzam

The Azzam differs to many of the other super ships on the list because it is not used for commercial reasons. The Azzam is a private yacht built by Lurssen Yachts and owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The Azzam is the largest private motor yacht in the world, and many consider this to be a floating mansion.

The yacht offers a range of features including a missile defense system and a submarine. The main salon of the ship is 29 meters and is completely open plan with n pillars. The yacht is estimated to have cost $605M USD to build which is more than $100M more than the second biggest yacht in the world.

There are many large ships on the ocean today, and it is possible that the size of the ships will only increase in the coming years. However, commercial ships are still among the largest in the world with many of them surpassing the size of navy destroyers and other military ships.


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