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Red Dog Poker

The red dog poker is also known as yablom. The red dog poker is a card game that has many variations to it like acey duecy, in between, etc.  The red dog poker is not quite popular among the real-time casinos while it is very popular in the online casinos.  There are many card games which have the same name, and thus people get confused. The red dog game can be played with one deck or even with eight decks. The advantage is more for the house when one deck is used; it reduces as the number of decks keeps increasing. The house has about 3.155% when they use only one card and when eight decks are used the winning percentage becomes 2.751%. The main objective of the game is that the player must have the most number of chips at the end of the game.

Red Dog Poker


The chips are distributed to the players, and the players need to place one of the chip on the table to form a pot or pool. Any one player deals one card to each of the players in the face-up position, and whichever player gets the highest of some cards will have to deal out the remaining cards to the rest of the players.

Shuffling and cutting of the cards:

The shuffling can be done by any player, and the dealer will get to shuffle the last. The player who is sitting on the right side of the dealer will be cutting the card. Now the dealer places five cards to each player in a facedown manner, and the player who is on the left side of the dealer needs to start the game. If there are some players in the game, then the dealer deals only four cards to each player in the game.

Betting rules:

The player of the left side of the dealer starts the game. He needs to place the first bet; this player can wager any number of chips as bets, as long as it does not exceed the pool of chips in the center of the table. Similarly, all the players place their bets, and if a player does not want to place a bet, then that player needs to throw a chip into the pool.

After the bets are placed by all the players in the game, the dealer of the game turns up the top card from the cards which are remaining on the table. If a player has a card which is of the same suite and the highest rank, then the player is allowed to take some chips he put into the pool plus an equivalent amount from the pool. So the player will get about double his bet money. If the player has no card, then that player has to show his cards to all the other players and needs to put his bet money into the pool. The procedure is followed by every single player in the game.



Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is one of those card games where you can play in a relaxed way. The Pai Gow poker is much slower craps or Blackjacks. The card game allows you to spend a lot of time on gambling without losing a lot of money. The Pai Gow poker is also very easy to learn, and once you learn the game, you can comfortably play the game.

The Pai gow also called as the double hand poker is quite popular in the US. It is the American version of Pai gow, which is played with Chinese Dominoes. Sam Torosian created the Pai gow in the year 1985. He was the owner of the Bell Card Club. The Pai gow is played with the entire deck of 52 cards and one joker. The number of players who can play the Pai gow can range from 2 to 7. The highest card rank is given the Ace, and the lowest position is given to the number 2. The Pai gow game is played clockwise.


Basics of Pai Gow Poker:

A deck of 52 cards is used to play the Pai Gow Poker, a joker is added to the game, and this joker is added to the deck of cards, and the joker is used as an Ace, or it is used to complete the straight or the flush. First, the cards are dealt, and each player places his wager. Once the wages are placed, the dealer rolls the dice to decide which player has to start the game. There are seven cards dealt with the players, and the players need to make two separate poker hands.

There are two cards sections, the first five card poker hand must be placed in the highest card section, and the other two cards must be put in the Lowest card section. These two cards are also called as “in front” or “on top” or “hair,” or the “small” or “minor” or “low” hand. These two cards must have lower ranks than the other five cards. The other five cards are called as the “hand behind” or the “big hand.”

 If the players highest card and the second highest card is more than the dealer’s highest and lowest card, then the player wins the game. If the player and the dealer both have only one hand then it is called as a tie, no one wins or loses the game. If the dealer wins both the hand, then the player has to pay the money which is stalked.

The A-2-3-4-5 is the second highest straight or straight flush. The Pai gow poker is quite similar to poker but has different hand cards.


There are many variations to the Pai Gow card game. The variations of the Pai gow game was formulated between the years 2004 to 2009. The variations of the Pai gow poker game is Pai gow Mania, fortune Pai gow, emperors challenge, shuffle master, etc.